Metaverse Launch: Let’s take a step back with data!

The MetaVerse project broke all records since its launch. What are the figures of this unusual start? We will also see that this titanic drop has also generated several controversies, but are they really justified?

Back to numbers on the launch of MekaVerse

MekaVerse is a Profile Picture (PFP) collection of 8888 Mekas influenced by Japanese anime/manga masterpieces such as Gundam, Evangelion and even Code Geass.

There was a lot of excitement before the launch of the project. With over 200,000 followers on Twitter and they hit the 250k limit on Discord (without “additional authorizations” from the Discord team). By Thursday, October 7, 172,876 wallets had been used to enter the raffle. Of those 172,876 wallets, 56,945 had chosen one Meka and 115,931 had chosen two Mekas.  The MekaVerse team revealed some statistics about this extraordinary drop:

We had 4,635,249 views and 661,737 unique users on our website. In addition, we had 130,000 visits within minutes of launch.

In the end, 8,593 Mekas were sold at launch at a price of 0.2 Ether (ETH) each, earning the team more than 1,718 ETH, or nearly $6.3 million.

The sales were followed by a 5-day period where holders had to wait to see what their Mekas would look like. During this period, the price floor had its ATH with a value of about 8 ETH. The reveal took place on Tuesday 12 October after being postponed for 24 hours due to some technical problems with the size of the 3D images.

Since the drop, MekaVerse has generated in 10 days about 39,000 Ether (ETH) on the secondary market.  Interestingly that the record sale is held by the Meka #8597 acquired for 125 ETH or about $476 600 US dollars.

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